Monday February 19 , 2018
because every flight begins with trust


“Throught the long ordeal of building, modifying, painting and completing our new Global aircraft, I never once regretted our decision to hire Janice Faulconbridge.  She is the consummate professional, is extremely familiar with the Global and the inner workings of the manufacturer.  She is a no-nonsense yet non confrontation person and gets things done to exacting standards, so much so that her negotiating skills covered the cost of her consulting fees. An impressive achievement."  

"The reasons I have outlined above should be enough, but there is one other that I should mention. One I prize above all others, integrity.  Janice is a person one can trust."

Larry Steed, DKH Services L.L.C.

“Working with Janice has been such a positive experience.  Janice Faulconbridge was such a key figure and kept me better informed than I have been in any previous project. Her professionalism, willingness to help me find and answers and solutions, and honest sincerity made a lasting impression. Additionally, she is detail oriented, offering good suggestions, and follow through.  Of the four Global Express Aircraft we have designed, the two smoothest completions were with Janice's assistance.”

David Bell, David Bell Designers Inc.

“Janice’s attention to detail is far superior to anybody I have ever met.   Her ability to interpret prints, make decisions and interface with the OEM were critical in the process as a whole, which was evident when the customer viewed the aircraft for the first time, they loved it.”

Randy Gifford, Tag Aviation.


"I worked with Janice on the delivery of a Global XRS. She is very thorough and has a solid contact base with the folks in Montreal.  I would recommend her without hesitation to bring the new XRS through the completion."

William Beversluis, Jet Aviation


”Eagle-eye Faulconbridge can find a speck of dirt on a plane from a hundred feet away, in the dark, and with one eye closed.”

Ron "Fuzzy" Freswick,W.S.


“The Faulconbridge group found items on the completion that our own personnel had missed, from her past experience she knew what to look for.”

Don Scott, Tallwood Global Management LLC


“Throughout all of this process, I would like to point out that we underline the good job and professionalism observed by Janice Faulconbridge, who has been extremely helpful.”

Juan Jose Lopez Romero, Inditex., S. A.


“I can not imagine how I would ever have made it through this aircraft completion without having someone with your expertise, experience, knowledge and attention to detail working the numerous problems that always came up on a site in Montréal.”

Larry Steed, DKH Services L.L.C.